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            Zhoushan Huibang Instrument Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in "Buddhist" of the Zhejiang Zhoushan. Is a design, development, sales all types of diesel engines, injection molding machine of professional instrument and sensor manufacturers. An annual output of various types of instrumentation for more than 500,000. The main supporting models are: the diesel 135, G128, D6114; Weichai 160,170; Steyr 495; Ji Chai 190; Shanghai 495A; Xiamen Engineering Machinery Works, Liugong, Long workers, temporary workers, Chang-Lin, Xugong and injection molding machine hydraulic cylinder with pressure gauge. 
            The company "to the quality of survival, innovation and development" business philosophy, strict internal management, to superior products and a high degree of credibility with our customers to create brilliant. 
            The Company has operating facilities in Shanghai, Make "Factory Shanghai and Shanghai-ho" to provide customers with two kinds of Shanghai and Zhoushan Instrument brand.
        Add: No.34 on qiaotoushi Road Dinghai District
        0580-8660022  Fax:0580-8661244
        0580-8235099 E-mail:76293741@qq.com  
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