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        Automotive electrical instruments and the proper use of maintenance
        Electrical instrument used cars are mainly ammeter, fuel table, water temperature and oil pressure gauge, such as tables. Its role is to direct the Kam-test and the relevant part of the performance and status, for the proper use and maintenance of the engine to provide a basis and guidelines. In order to ensure normal working of the instrument can accurately instructed the part of the performance and status, must be the proper use and timely maintenance.

        1, the regular cleaning of the surface of the dashboard, on the one hand to prevent the intrusion of dust and oil forms the core instrument of internal damage, on the other hand, to facilitate observation of the dynamic pointer instrument.

             2, master of the instrument performance and instrument status and instructed the relevant parts of the engine of the relationship between working conditions in accordance with instructions of the state of instruments to determine condition of engine work, find the location and the reasons for failure.

             3, engine start-up, it is important to observe the dynamics of the instrument and found that abnormal and timely processing; engine and vehicle operation, but also should be kept under observation of the dynamics of the instrument in order to acquire all of the work of related systems.

             4, different voltage meter, with the exception of outside ammeter will not be allowed to substitute each other in order to avoid damage to instrument.

             5, electric and electromagnetic properties of different instrumentation sensors. Such as electric fuel table-type variable resistor sensor, its resistance value with the fuel tank and to reduce the oil level rise, and the electromagnetic form of variable resistance fuel sensor changes the resistance value and vice versa; electric oil pressure gauge-type sensor variable hydraulic resistance increased with the decrease of oil pressure gauge and electromagnetic variable resistance value changes in just the opposite; electric table-type water temperature thermistor sensor, water temperature 50 ℃ when the resistance value of 220 in Europe, the water temperature 115 ℃ when it fell to 20 in Europe, and the electromagnetic sensor temperature thermistor table, l00 ℃ in temperature when the resistance is still higher value, the temperature continued to rise until the resistance value significantly reduced. Therefore, the electric and electromagnetic sensors and instruments should be complementary, and is not intended to replace used interchangeably or separately.

             6, the water temperature sensor must be well-grounded form, the sensor may not be Ground wire, short circuit, so as to avoid damage to the water temperature table.

             7, the installation of oil pressure sensor should be so "↑" mark up, or else they will reduce the oil pressure gauge the accuracy of the instructions.

             8, electromagnetic fuel meter terminal to be received under the sensors, on the next ignition switch terminal. Otherwise, the pointer always point to "0."

             9, the fuel inside the float should be flexible and mobile; fuel tank and fuel table should be reliable ground sensors. If the adverse Ground, pointer will always point to "0" side.

             10, charged oil table testing system, sensors can not be near the fuel tank removed to prevent their sliding variable resistor sparks caused by contact with Department of tank fire, assault or even an explosion.

             11, instrumentation circuit with voltage regulator, its shell should be reliable Ground. When the regulator is damaged, the power meter can not be directly linked, so as to avoid damage to instrument.

             12, ammeter is, can not take anti-negative. Ground vehicles if negative, then Ammeter "-" then take the battery should be FireWire column (column access ),"+" positive then Firewire Alternator.

             13, pre-wiring ammeter should washers, nuts, bolts and other contact surfaces clean and polished with sandpaper, installation nut, it is best to clean oil coating that can prevent corrosion and ease of disassembly; flat washer should be well insulated and the insulation washers and Spring washers shall be equipped with a ping between the pads and then firmly, so as to avoid occlusion of bad fever, and even burned instrumentation and wiring harness.

             14, periodic testing of electrical instruments. The lack of testing instruments can be compared with the standard instrumentation: ammeter showing the error should be less than ± 20%; oil pressure gauge indication of error of 0.2 MPa oil pressure should be less than ± 10%, oil 0.5 MPa should be less than ± 20%.

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