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        China's construction machinery based on the international market, "the top five must-read"
        China's construction machinery market in the international multi-point increase in recent years, as warming the global economy, the world of construction machinery market growth for China's exports of construction machinery rapid growth provides a good external environment, specifically in: International brand Construction Machinery in China into its global sales network; Chinese brands of construction machinery products certification (CE) and agents into the developed countries; engineering machinery parts and components manufacturers into the global OEM market; of developing countries in the vigorously developing the economy, as China works important machinery exports growth.
              In addition, China's general contracting projects in China has also become an important engineering machinery export growth. In 2006, in the global EPC projects (including non-industrial and industrial projects), the China's foreign contracted projects completed by 30 billion U.S. dollars, 66 billion U.S. dollars of new contracts. The scale is developing rapidly upgrade. Ongoing projects include the coal-fired power plants, hydroelectric plants, highways, railways, cement and various livelihood projects effectively promote exports of construction machinery in China.
              China's construction machinery based on the international market, "the top five must-read"
              First, to ensure follow-up services exports is the key
              Construction machinery exports of China's construction machinery industry an important aspect of the strategic restructuring, in order to ensure efficient use of product users, the target market to ensure the effective development and implementation of local agents and to ensure that the service system is the most important aspects. Part of the problem is ignored the agents and business services sector, export products, "a one agile" products can not guarantee the maintenance and normal use of construction machinery exports to China will have a very adverse impact. Construction machinery exports in order to ensure sustainable growth, whether it is manufacturing enterprises, a comprehensive import and export enterprise, or general contracting business must ensure that the follow-up services exports.
              Second, China's construction machinery industry to integrate science
              China Construction Machinery Industry "going out" of power can be summed up as: first, the integration of high-quality resources; Second, in the target market, lower costs and reduce trade friction. On core resources, the China Construction Machinery Industry in comparison with international counterparts, the advantage of the market, size, capacity and human resources, the Chinese engineering machinery products price; disadvantage is in the concept, system, product technology development and enterprise management on, with the gap between the developed countries compared with the industry is still very great. In developed countries, integration of high-quality resources (mainly technical resources, marketing resources, the key supporting resources) are important elements.
              In fact in China, the international famous brand enterprises in the integration of mergers and acquisitions has been the core of China's enterprises, inter-industry cooperation is a clever game and common sense, China's construction machinery industry through the integration, to enhance safety and security of the international competitiveness of industries is an important goal of security.
              China Construction Machinery Industry has its own core technologies (such as loaders, cranes, forklifts, concrete machinery, etc.) to China's technology in exchange for the opportunity to the world market already exists.
              International brands in the development of enterprises in China have set up the process of cooperative enterprises, in the excavator industry has entered a comprehensive China, they "go out" we should learn from the experience.
              Third, to strengthen the domestic construction machinery brand building
              Construction Machinery brands like Caterpillar, Terex, Komatsu,利布海爾, Ingersoll-Rand, Volvo, Manitowoc, Kobelco, Doosan, Bomag, Hyundai, Hitachi, Atlas series of the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea's international brands in the Chinese market has created Xugong, Liugong, Shantui, Vanda, 31, together, a series of mountains and rivers smart brand in China.
              Construction Machinery actual brand's core values are the exact and concise, that is, in a specific market, product use, good repair, in the secondary market price賣好. Products "useful" to demonstrate its functionality, efficiency, reliability, security and environmental protection demand of the applicability of personality; product "good" in that it has spare parts and maintenance, and effective support services system; products can be sold in the secondary market show that the price of a good product in the whole life cycle it still has the full support system. Construction Machinery brand essence is to indicate that the advanced nature of enterprise management, reliability and stability, trustworthy.
              The world needs an international standard of the China Construction Machinery brands, strong brands in China is bound to become an international brand is a based on the domestic market. To enter the international market capacity or need to have the following advantages: First, R & D and product development capabilities; Second, the target market the right product positioning and location capabilities; The third is the strong backing of the capacity of the service; four Credibility is the basis of brand. At present, some enterprises have to achieve 30% -60% of exports, the Chinese construction machinery brand building is the process in line with international standards is an important strategic business development content.
              Fourth, the "integrity" should be the core values of Chinese enterprises
              In a market economy, materialistic, anything is of no bad faith. Poor product quality, there is no sales after-sales service, the same low-cost cut-throat competition is contrary to business principles. Integrity, such as becoming short-board, corporate governance, would be catastrophic.
              Integrity should be the Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs, the core values of corporate managers. In international trade in strict accordance with the basic principles of WTO, which countries, industries, and of great significance to business interests: to ensure that the quality of products and services; to ensure that reasonably priced, it is necessary to protect the cost of business and profits; by no means a vicious low-cost competition; respect intellectual property rights; with social responsibility.
              Fifth, innovation is to improve the international competitiveness of the "magic weapon"
              International, is not the business-to-business competition, but the industry chain and industry chain of competition and integration between. Target market, resources, strengths and weaknesses in the industry is the basis of a reasonable position. Industries and enterprises to enhance the international competitiveness of the advantages of property rights with our own resources is the place.
              Technological innovation, system innovation, management innovation is the formation of the advantages of property rights with our own resources, the only channel through which it is based on the integration and can be integrated eligibility, and we hope that Chinese enterprises have the ability to consolidate resources in international trade major cycle, the Chinese construction machinery industry, the strategic objective is to continuously shape and improve their international competitiveness.


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