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        ABB Instrumentation industry in China has great potential to expand the instrumentation business
        ABB recently Tianchang City in Anhui Province and Anhui days and Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, the investment-day Tianchang City, Culture and Sport Group Factory, ABB instrumentation to expand product lines and production capacity to better meet customers at home and abroad needs.
                   ABB (China) Co., Ltd. Rosen, senior vice president at the signing ceremony, said: "The Culture of the ABB Group and the day, this is a win-win cooperation. I believe that will be ABB's advanced products research and development capabilities and a wealth of global market day experience and instrumentation business, Culture and Sport Group, the success of local operators in the combination of instrumentation will promote China's development of the industry to better meet the growing market demand. "
                   Rosen said that despite the current downturn in the global economy, ABB remains confident of China, and will maintain a steady pace of investment in China. At the same time, he thought, ABB's investment Tianchang Tianchang active local economy is of great significance.
                   Tianchang City Factory main production equipment, temperature measuring instruments. The thermocouples and resistance thermometers are widely used in products such as electric power, chemical, petrochemical, mining and metal industries. The partnership will help ABB to further improve its instrument product lines to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.
                   Rosen said: "The important thing is, we must continue to maintain their competitive edge. Even in the current period of economic downturn, we must continue to take positive action for the future warmer market is fully prepared."
                   At a signing ceremony Chuzhou Municipal Standing Committee and Party Secretary Chen Tianchang said: "As part of the ABB Group, Culture and Sport and the days of cooperation, not only declared the first official world's top 500 enterprises settled in the city, opened a long with the world's top 500 enterprises in the first , but also marks the opening to the outside world and investment in our city has opened a new page. We believe that, ABB and Culture co-operation with the day the city will not only seek strong joint enterprises, and promote the management of innovation, change their operational mechanism, adding vitality provides a classic example; but also for the promotion of the urban area of my resources to upgrade the industrial level instrumentation, instrumentation optimization of industrial structure and speed up our city in a wider area, a higher level of integration into the international exchanges and cooperation will have positive and and far-reaching impact. "
                   ABB Instrumentation engaged in R & D, production has more than 150 years of history, is the world's leading manufacturers of instrumentation. In China, ABB, including flow, pressure, temperature and analysis of measuring devices, positioning devices, recorders and indicators, as well as components such as series of cutting-edge products. These instrumentation products are widely used in electric power, oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, metals and mining, water treatment, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and many other industries.
                   Temperature measurement instruments and equipment in China a huge potential market, in recent years maintained a 15 percent average annual pace of development around. At the same time, ABB instrumentation business in China has maintained rapid development. In 2006, companies in Shanghai to establish an advanced production line of pressure sensors, ABB Group to become the world's third largest production base pressure sensor and the long established in Anhui Instrument production base running simultaneously.

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